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We are a climate justice group based in Freiburg Germany.

At our regular meetings (once per week, Wednesday night at 8 PM) we explore ways to improve the sustainability at the university and in our town and to contribute to climate education.

One of our biggest ambitions is to make the city center of Freiburg car-free.
For this purpose we started a petition and hosted several raves on streets to show that streets are much more than just traffic: they can be full of life, vibrant and allow people to spend time together.

Also the bigger picture is very important to us: We want to raise awarness that industrial countries are responsible for most of the historic CO2 emissions and that other areas (MAPA = most affected people and areas) suffer the most, but are the least responsbile for the current escalating climate emergency.

Students for Future Freiburg are open to anyone interested in the discussion about the right path to the social ecological transformation. Happy to hear from you!

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