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Subvert UD

Mutual aid collective in Seattle's U District. Food distribution every Sunday from 11:30-1:30 at the U Heights basketball court (50th and University).


Volunteer Sign-Up (temporarily under construction, please DM via Instagram or Twitter to volunteer)

Subvert UD (formerly UW BLM), was started as a student group to fight UW’s anti-Black practices and enact meaningful change on campus. After a year of non-stop organizing and protesting to no avail, however, we decided to take a more direct approach to combating the University’s sphere of influence around the broader University District by focusing on mutual aid (what is mutual aid?). We now work to subvert anti-Black and anti-houseless principles in the University District through supply sharing, meal sharing, food sovereignty, and other forms of direct action, while carrying forward the ideals of our original Black and Brown femme leaders.

Currently, Subvert is focusing on providing home-cooked meals and hygiene supplies to folks on Sunday afternoons. We host a food-sharing lunch from 11:45 AM to 1:30 PM at the U Heights basketball court and welcome any potluck dishes and donations.

We are always looking for helping hands. If you are unable to volunteer, we welcome financial donations, seasonally appropriate clothing donations, winter supplies (such as sleeping bags, 3-4 season tents, and backpacks), and hygiene supplies.

Follow our Instagram and Twitter with regular updates on what we need to supply for folks in the UD and where we need extra help.


Subvert UD is all of us

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