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Sun-Seeker MKE

A Black Trans lead collective dedicated building abolitionist and grassroots organizing praxis and direct service to Black Queer people. Funds will be used to develop trainings for capacity building & support Black Trans folks with mutual aid.


Sun-Seeker MKE is all of us

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Sun-Seeker MKE Collective mission is to build the communal base power and capacities of Black & Brown, Queer and Trans people in Milwaukee through multi-issue
 based direct service and praxis building within Negro abolitionist liberation theory & communty care.”

We will strive to uphold our  mission by providing training, education, intergenerational & intersectional community engagement, co-conspiring with grassroots organizing, advocacy and Black Queer joy . 

Who we are: 
  We are  the growth of planted seeds by black bodies in the wake of crisis and transforming  joyless moments, a mandate to resistance, a response to the call of “What else is there?” We are made up of Black Trans abolitionists, organizers, healers, siblings and hope, dedicated to liberation by any means necessary. 

Sun Seekers MKE Collective was birthed in 2021 out of the frustration, anger, tears, hopes and fears of Black woman and Black Trans & Queer abolitionists in Milwaukee, in the wake of the national uprisings in 2020 and historical oppression of queer and Trans people & Black people across the diaspora. Our collective liberation begins with shared power, political education, non-hierarchical interdependence, & self determination. We will no longer sit and take the abuse and harm this city and systems have caused us. Through transformative and transparent community power building and collective learning, we are committed to creating a world that sustains the futures,  life, culture, joys, and rights of Black & Brown Trans and queer people, and other minortized bodies.

 We will thrive by any means necessary. We will strengthen our people by strengthening our connection with liberation and each other to transform ourselves, our communities, and our world

We focus on 6 interconnected parts:
  • Abolition Teachings ~
  • Black TransLiberation & Defense - Akoben Cohort ~ Trans 101 trainings ~ 
  • Youth Liberation & advocacy - Youth Development program/mentorship
  • Transformative Justice - TJ circles in school “Disrupting the pipeline interpersonally” ~ Freedom School`
  • Decolonized education - Freedom school

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