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An Educational Open-sourced Keylogger for macOS which doesn't require any permissions to run


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Swift-Keylogger is all of us

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It is one of its kind keylogger present in the GitHub. You won't find anything like this open-sourced.

What makes it different from other keyloggers?

  • All the keyloggers present in the GitHub requires Accessibility permissions to run. But this one doesn't need any.

  • There are keyloggers which doesn't require permissions but they are not open-sourced. Which means it can be trusted.

Why you should contribute?

As I already told, it is one of its kind. You can't anything like this.

There are many questions about writing keyloggers for macOS on the internet with no answers. Because Apple maintains private APIs at the worst condition to discourage people to use it.

Apples private API is a garbage dump where it is very difficult to read and implement.

I have worked for almost 6 months day and night reading, testing, prototyping before finally achieving it!

I want to make this as a starting point for hacking enthusiasts. I don't want to stop here!

There is no budget. But every penny goes for the development! More the money, more the development.

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