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We've released Taguette 1.1.1 🌠
Published on October 18, 2021 by Vicky Rampin

We are excited to release Taguette 1.1.1 today 😊 We added some enhancements such as support for tagging right-to-left documents and importing tags from a codebook CSV file, which we hope will help you all in your work!

We've also made a few fixes based on user reports (thank you all so much for actively telling us when things go wrong!). We've gotten some reports from users that anti-virus/malware software saying Taguette is a threat -- it's not, these are false-positives. This phenomenon is well-known amongst open source developers (since typically projects have to pay to be a 'verified publisher' and avoid being flagged). In any event, we tried to address that and some other bugs in this release include:
  • Avoid error "document name too long" if no name was provided and the filename is used
  • Don't deselect all tags from the highlight modal if it is open while creating a new tag
  • Don't cache documents forever in desktop mode (only server mode)
  • Updated PyInstaller & InnoSetup to reduce antivirus false-positives
Read more about what is included in this release, and update your installation: