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Financial Roadmap Notes 1.0
Published on March 11, 2023 by Vincent Tang

Here's our current roadmap of work we are doing for Tampa Devs

## SHORT TERM  ( now to MAY 2023)

Short term, we're going to handle immediate expenditure needs for marketing needs for Tampa Devs. This includes stickers, shirts, design work for BayHacks

We also will be handling past receipts and invoices for tax season in May5 for EZ990 now that we are a 501c3 nonprofit

## Mid Term (2023Q3 and 2023Q4)

In parallel, we're planning for BayHacks hackathon, our premier hackathon for the year. This means we need to accrue liquid cash for buying things in advance (venue costs, banners, food, marketing, swag) etc. This is going to cost about at least $5k, and we expect some grant funding for Hillsborough community county for funding

## Long Term Future (2024 and onward)

Once our immediate large term expenses have been met, we'll be doing slow reimbursements overtime to past expenses we've made. This includes our hackathon last year, etc.

Once those past things have been reimbursed, we'll be opening ourselves up for other specialized tech communities to also get reimbursed for food, venues, etc.

We will also be handling all accounting operations on Opencollective from here on out, and deprecate any old financial spreadsheets and systems we had.

## Summary TLDR

Vincent Tang

Posted on March 11, 2023

you can check out our annual stats report as well here