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Treveon Edwards

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Thomas Powell

🏴‍☠️ First Mate

$15 USD

Tony Ruiz

🏴‍☠️ First Mate

$15 USD


$10 USD

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🏴‍☠️ Crew Mate

Support Tampa Devs! Access to #patrons channel in slack, where we do free swag/ticket giveaways to partner events and orgs!

$5 USD / month

🏴‍☠️ First Mate

Support Tampa Devs! Free T-shirt, and first dibs on new swag we make! Access to #patrons channel in slack, where we do free swag/ticket giveaways... Read more

$15 USD / month

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2 timed talk slot for tech talk meetup/year. Job board tools access. On, your logo in medium image format size Read more

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3 timed talk slot for tech talk meetup/year. Job board tools access. On, your logo in large format size Read more

$225 USD / month


4 timed talk slot for tech talk meetup/year. Your Logo on meetup page sponsors. Job board tools access On, your logo in large format ... Read more

$300 USD / month

Top financial contributors

Nicholas Adams

$250 USD since Jan 2023

Connor Tumbleson

$20 USD since Jan 2023

Treveon Edwards

$15 USD since Jan 2023

Thomas Powell

$15 USD since Jan 2023

Tony Ruiz

$15 USD since Jan 2023


$10 USD since Jan 2023


Tampa Devs is the fastest growing software development community in Tampa Bay.

As a community-led nonprofit, our mission is to accelerate access to high-quality training and career opportunities in Tampa’s software industry. For free, and for everyone.

Since its inception, Tampa Devs has helped its members acquire new skills and find success in the technology industry. With more than 1,000 active members on and an average attendance of 200+ attendees at our hosted events, we are proud to serve as a thriving hub for Tampa Bay's developer community. And this October, we're excited to host Tampa's first Student and Professional hackathon at Embarc Collective.

Our organization strives to create unique opportunities for the local community to learn, grow, and succeed together. Whether you're a student, experienced developer, community leader, or entrepreneur, our innovative partnerships with local Universities, non-profit tech institutes, and startup incubators mean there's something for everyone at Tampa Devs.

We host monthly technical workshops from industry-leading companies including PwC, Microsoft, and more. 
Check out our events archive:
A Personal Message From Vincent Tang

Charlton and I dedicate a lot of our own free time, energy, and financial resources to supporting Tampa Devs and have been humbled by the positive impact it’s had on our community.

Your support allows Tampa Devs to…
  • Continue hosting bigger, better, and more fun networking events.
  • Grow and market Tampa Bay as an industry-leading technology hub.
  • Provide learning environments and tech workshops from reputable speakers around the world.
  • Create career-building experiences for our members, such as hackathons.
  • Give support and mentorship to student organizations at USF, UT, etc and their related club chapters.
  • Issue scholarships to career transitioners and those in pursuit of higher education in technology.
Supporting Our Mission 

Tampa Devs is grateful to accept the support of Tampa’s technology community and partner organizations who are dedicated to supporting our cause.

Sponsoring Individually

If you’re an individual who wants to support Tampa Devs, 

While there are no membership fees and no payment associated with any Tampa Devs events, we welcome individual contributions. 

Individual contributors gain access to the #patrons Slack channel, where we sometimes make available swag from our partners (such as give us extra tickets to conferences). As an additional perk, First Mate tier contributors receive a Tampa Devs t-shirt with their membership.

- $5/month - Crew Mate

- $15/month - First Mate

## Sponsoring as a company

If you are a company looking to sponsor, we have a comprehensive sponsor guide available which goes over all the benefits of sponsoring Tampa Devs:

Tampa Devs helps build awareness of your brand to developers in the greater Tampa Bay area. We host technical workshops once a month, with an average range of 50 to 150 engineers in attendance. You’ll receive a dedicated 5 minute time slot at the start of the meeting to address all audience members in attendance that day

Our corporate sponsorship tiers revolve around this benefit. We do a monthly charge rate, but we discount 20% if you pay for the year:

In addition, we offer the following benefits:

- Silver Tier - We put your logo on our homepage on the website. We also grant you access to our job board, which gets broadcasted to our slack channel routinely
- Gold Tier - Same benefits as above, but we make the logos larger on our site
- Platinum tier - Same as above. We also add your logo on our meetup pro network, which is broadcasted to 1300+ members

We also add your logo as well for advertising the technical talk as well and a few other places. Your welcome to bring your own signage and booth equipment too.

Check out the full sponsor guide here:  


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News from Tampa Devs

Updates on our activities and progress.

Transparency Roadmap

We're looking to make Tampa Devs as transparent as possible, in regards to finances. This means how we're getting funding, and what we're utilizing funds for. We want to ensure that your financial support is being put to good use for helpin...
Read more
Published on January 12, 2023 by Vincent Tang

Shoutout to supporters

Hey y'all Would love to give a shoutout to everyone who's donated so far! Thank you Connor, Rishi, and Nicholas for donating to Tampa Devs! Here are some plans we have for thanking our supporters - On our homepage, we are building a feature...
Read more
Published on January 12, 2023 by Vincent Tang

We need your support!!

Hey y'all Charlton and I (Vincent) have been helping fund these meetups since it's inception. We believe in paying it forward, as we had a substantial amount of help in our own careers through communities such as these. We wouldn't be where...
Read more
Published on January 12, 2023 by Vincent Tang


Let’s get the discussion going! This is a space for the community to converse, ask questions, say thank you, and get things done together.

Ask us Anything

Published on January 12, 2023 by Vincent Tang

Feel free to ask any questions here about anything you want to know about Tampa Devs!