Open Collective
Open Collective
Teamo Manifesto
Published on March 20, 2019 by Bruno Cecchini

Here the [x] command to be a great team player, if you feel to add a line or two go for it!

  • We don't do politic, this is not a politic movement and never it will be.
  • We scale bottom up, we start with the solution and after we look at the technology.
  • We are inclusive, we favor cooperation over competition.
  • We are respectful of other cultures.
  • We are invested in people, only great people could build a good governance model.
  • We practice logical positivism, we don't provide legal advice, but we will provide the watch, the GPS and the tracker.
  • We challenge the status quo, the regulator is kindly invited, we are not again regulation, actually we want to help them craft better regulation.
  • We are thankful for other contribution, we have to do our best to make them feel welcome.
  • We comment on our code, do your best.
  • We think about the team first, after we look at the individual contribution.
  • We are all about team, team, team!


We start from a humble beginning with no formal structure beyond the core contributor when more contributors will join the project we will put in place a formal structure to cover the need of the community. All payment going to a contributor is on the best effort basis with i)money available ii) market rate for the accomplished task. We expect good manner from all contributors, time is the most precious asset any issue should be quickly addressed by the community. We start this collective to stay clear of any market speculation, we put our focus on the value we could create for society via new technology and education.