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Teamo (Esperanto: team) is about better governance model (reflexive method) for public/private sector and consortia.


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Teamo Manifesto

Here the [x] command to be a great team player, if you feel to add a line or two go for it!We don't do politic, this is not a politic movement and never it will be.We scale bottom up, we start with the solution and after we look at the t...
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Published on March 20, 2019 by Bruno Cecchini


Teamo idea starts with the urgent need for a better governance model that scale bottom up (reflexive method) to create a more effective chain of command to leverage the intrinsic value that stakeholders could bring to the table by improving return on investment and reducing market risk for all stakeholders involved.

Our goal is to attack the governance trilemma (social, capital and technological) for helping start-up, public/private sector and consortia to have better governance model. We open a collective because we know that reflexivity is contextual, is no one size that fit them all about governance, on the same token we could build a strong foundation based on collaboration, transparency, and honesty.

Governance is about values, at Teamo our value is creating richness and our core value is about sharing the pursuit of happiness, we strongly believe that the road of prosperity should be shared, cared and maintained with network rule that favor cooperation over competition.

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