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Born in Mexico. Bred in South Central, particularly Watts & Compton. Studied Business & Gerontology at USC & did PhD level Alzheimer's research in the Spanish-speaking community at age 18. Learned to program in BASIC in high school & fell in love w/tech even more once I bought my own PC in college & built USC's first public-facing web page in 1994. Worked at several startups & at Ticketmaster, was Lead Release Engineer on various products including TicketExchange which is still around today & has been used billions of times in buying a ticket for any & every sporting event in the world.

In 2005, started contributing to Open Source- Ubuntu, OpenOffice & Songbird. In 2007, chose Drupal (over WP) as my CMS of choice due to better security features & a built-in API. Founded the Downtown LA Drupal Users Group which, at its peak, attracted more than 110 attendees for a monthly meetup. Also co-organized various tech & Drupal conferences. Was a member of Drupal's Core QA Testing Team. In 2013, my dad passed away & I shifted my focus (as a way to honor him) & started Software Libre United in an effort to bring more awareness to Open Source & tech to LA's Spanish-speaking community (LA has the largest % of Spanish-speakers in the country at ~55% of Angelenos speaking it).

2023, marks the 30th year in a row that I donate a portion of my free time to the community- particularly in Black & Latino/a neighborhoods as these communities are consistently shut out of the tech boom. I was a youth coach starting while I was a student at USC to 8-12 year olds, I've taught adults how to read in English & Spanish, I've given citizenship classes & ESL classes. Everything I've ever done has been free of charge in an effort to uplift these communities. In 2016, I created a curriculum in English & Spanish for adults to learn how to use a computer from zero, implemented at various LA Public Libraries & then Open-Source'd it, donated it to the entire LAPL network of libraries.

I've earned awards from the City of Los Angeles.
President Obama, in 2016, awarded me the President's National Volunteer Service Award.