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Open Collective
Releases of 2018 Q1
Published on April 23, 2018 by Daniël Klabbers

These past few months have seen a very active streak of releases. They have been showing the commitment I made to this package. Aside from pretty tough bugs, like the cache flushing one, additional features have also been included.

  • The ability to override any model inside a third-party package opens a new avenue of integrations and ease of use for developers.
  • With the addition of the fallback media controller, the choice has been opened up to use your own web server configuration or use a wildcard multi vhost configuration. It's also easier to develop with as you don't necessarily need to integrate with your web server.
  • As more projects using the package close in on their release, more support is required. One of the priority patches commissioned for such a project is the ability to manage tenant databases over different database servers. A powerful addition that allows unlimited horizontal scaling. Thank you

One of the goals I set and communicated previously was to make tenancy a project of its own, detached from my company. Moving away from Patreon and focusing on Open Collective has opened up new ways of collaborating with people while providing them with a financial incentive to do so. With the growing support of the backers and sponsors, this package is now starting to grow towards a maturity that will benefit any Laravel based SaaS startup in the future.

Let's go there, together! Thanks for your support.