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Prisoner Support Abolitionist Fund has been archived.

Prisoner Support Abolitionist Fund has been archived and is no longer active.

Prisoner Support Abolitionist Fund


[Update: project successful. Two printers acquired. -Feb 2021] Currently we're raising $1,000 for an office copier


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[Update: multiple printers with scanners have been acquired through other fundraising and this fund will be used for printer maintenance resources for letter writing to prisoners. -Mar 2021] The copier we are trying to acquire is a Ricoh SP5200S (in picture). More details about the effort below.

We have fellow tenants in Little Village and Albany Park who need a copy machine to keep up with the awesome, growing support they are doing with some of the most overlooked and horribly treated tenants: prisoners. These are prisoners of Cook County jail, as well as prisoners across Illinois, many of whom are Chicagoans.

These tenants are partnering with Chicago Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee.

Though Tenants United is unable to directly help these tenants as they are doing, we can at least support them by amplifying their needs.

In addition to needing an office copier, they could also benefit from Chicago, IL connections to discount or low-priced copy machine sellers, and any connections people may have in Chicago to copy machine technicians who could service the copier at a discount.

Any donations above $1,000 will go to toner, copy paper, and copy machine maintenance.

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