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Carbon management technologies and plans to help advance research and innovation in direct air capture, ensuring it uses clean energy and that low-cost, non-toxic, and even carbon-storing sorbents are used


Our open source work, such as the report below, is at

The State of the Art in Direct Air Capture

At present, DAC uses too much energy, and too much of that is still emissions-producing energy, for it to scale fast enough to remove even the hard-to-abate share (around 10%) of overall carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

This 13-page free report offers a comprehensive list of DAC technologies today, and how energy needs, environmental impacts, and costs can be reduced.

Innovating Low-Cost, Non-Toxic, Carbon-Storing Sorbents for Direct Air Capture

This is a four-page report mentioned at the end of the above report that outlines the following sections:

 1. Quaternary Ammonium (QA) Based Sorbents for Reducing Energy Consumption, Environmental Impact, and Cost
2. Using a Cellulose Backbone
3. Using a Biochar Backbone
4. Protocol for QA-Functionalized Biochar for CO2 Adsorption

To receive a copy of this report, which contains original research and guidance to advance carbon removal, we ask for a contribution to aid our future R&D, which can be made below.

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