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Plans for renewable energy technologies and co-location possibilities to increase the expansion of renewable energy and speed up our energy transition


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Solar Forest Concept - Smarter Solar through the Use of Wind

There is a massive amount of waste every year from decommissioned wind turbine blades, and a massive amount of energy and financial expenditure just manufacturing, transporting, and putting up towers made of steel for various purposes.

Vertical solar towers (trees) made of solar panels mounted on 20 foot sections of wind turbine blades - a solar forest that saves space while providing power with less waste, less emissions, and more profitability.

PACE-PPA Co-Funding Concept

Through PACE programs (available in 39 states), non-residential properties with at least one significant building can raise their net operating income over up to 25 years with the bulk of it coming in the first year, just by implementing energy upgrades resulting in savings for their utilities. Many property owners can even double their net operating income in the first year. 

If the first year's return were re-invested by a cluster of property owners, a co-op business structure formed by these owners could be used to do a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the utility to earn even more money selling power over the long term. 

Stable income to be divided for the benefit of all the owners. Any reason to not do this?

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