World Values Day Talk
Published on November 23, 2021 by Dr Padideh Tosti

MTC are honoured to have been invited to participate in World Values Day (WVD) on October 21st. We met one of its founders at Pitch Perfect where we were pitched against 4 other grass roots campaigns (MTC won that competition). WVD is particularly important as we all make choices based on values whether we are aware of it or not. So WVD gives us all to examine our hidden values and to learn about ourselves from them, i.e. self-awareness. 

You can now watch our virtual talk DOING WHAT YOU CAN, WHERE YOU ARE, WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. There you can find a short story of the Campaign followed by comments from The London School of Self Awareness, World Values day Founder Alan Williams, and Nirmala Mehendale from the World Kindness Movement. 

You can also read our article for Global Values Alliance by clicking here