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Open Collective
YEAR ONE — Rising Waters
Published on December 16, 2023 by Sierra Jackson

Our 2023 was a resounding success. A huge part of our mission is to navigate the creative world together instead of competing to no end. This year, we were able to honor that through our partnerships and initiatives. Read on and let the magic unfold:

  • April 21st: We partnered with Mezcla Media Collective (a Chicagoland hub for diverse women, femme, and nonbinary filmmakers) at their yearly showcase. During the event we were able to introduce ourselves to the film community, provide event support, and connect with incredibly talented filmmakers.
  •  June 22nd: In collaboration with Nia Robinson and the DayLong Film Festival, we hosted a movie night at Dorothy Downstairs. True to our mission we were able to offer sliding scale tickets and secure films that were unapologetically Black and Queer. The night fostered a safe environment for our community while inviting more Chicagoans to learn about our collective. The movie night brought in over $500 to go towards the DayLong Film Festival.
  • September 16th: After months of consulting and community outreach, the DayLong Film Festival premiered at Morgan Arts Complex. The Reservoir tabled at the festival, along with Chicago-based vendors like Black Alphabet, Lambda Legal, and Gerber/Hart Archives.
  • November 16th: We were granted $8,000 as recipients of the Artists Run Chicago Fund, thanks to the phenomenal work of our development team. With this grant, we’ll be able to stabilize our foundations and bring work to fruition.

2024 will soar even higher. We look forward to expanding further into the creative community. A reservoir collects abundance and distributes it back — we’ll carry that on with integrity and intention. There’s so much more for you all to see, and we’re just getting started. Stay tuned!

With love,
Nia Ali + The Reservoir Collective