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The Xylom is joining the Rural News Network
Published on May 10, 2023 by Alex Ip

Rural Americans are among the most impacted by the decline of traditional newspapers.
Thanks to dedicated grants from Knight Foundation, MacArthur Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation, Institute for Nonprofit News is expanding support for editorial collaborations across rural America through its Rural News Network (RNN) and members like us. Today, we mark a significant milestone in that expansion with the launch of
The website features RNN’s collaborative series as well as outstanding daily stories pulled from its 68 participating newsrooms operating across 46 states — a subset of the 400+ members of the INN Network.

In addition to connecting news consumers with rural news that addresses their interests, the website supports news publishers and philanthropists in their work. News publishers can browse curated high quality news stories to republish for free on their own websites.

Philanthropists can research #nonprofitnews outlets covering rural issues, filtering not only by location and topic but by criteria that match their funding priorities, such as coverage area and audience size.  

From the Sierra Nevada to the Flathead Reservation, The Xylom is here to report on why rural Americans are shaped by science -- and how they are influencing science as well. Please help us do this vital reporting by inviting your friends, colleagues, and family to give a small monthly donation!