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We grow science with words. Nonprofit, student-led newsroom exploring the communities influencing and shaped by science.


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Published on June 20, 2022 by Alex Ip


Founded in 2018, and based in Atlanta, Ga., we produce original personal essays, longform science features, and resources for early-career science professionals, in addition to a newsletter curating the best science stories, to understand three questions:
1. ​”How can science look more like us?”
2. ​”How are scientists shaped by what happens outside of the lab?”
3. ​”How do people respond to the changing world through science?”

We pride in:
• Our diverse contributors (>2/3 women/ non-binary; >2/3 people of color),
• Our expertise in multimedia and data storytelling, and
• Our capacity for multicultural content (25 countries and regions, six languages, and counting).

The Xylom is part of the Institute for Nonprofit News Network and Local Independent Online News (LION) Publishers.

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