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It's time to secure the future of Thinking Liverpool
Published on October 15, 2018 by 59126413-d869-4dea-9ddd-6c4ea80ad4bb

Every week, my dedicated assistant Jenny trawls over 30 websites looking for interesting events which she inputs into the website.

After 18 months of doing the weekly search myself, I was quite fed up. I was unreliable and I didn't want to carry on doing it.

I looked for some freelance help, and that's when I found Jenny. She's a freelancer based in Manila, and she's the only reason Thinking Liverpool is still going after all these years.

I pay Jenny a fair rate that we're both happy with, and for years I've paid this out of my own pocket.

I recently started a new venture which is taking all my focus, and I'm not currently paying myself. So I'm looking for help to fund Jenny's time.

If you value the weekly newsletter and you'd like to secure its future, please consider contributing.

If only half the newsletter subscribers donated just £5 per year then Thinking Liverpool would be break even. That's my immediate target. If we can make a bit more, I've got some ideas for doing a bit more too.