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Live coding environment for making algorithmic patterns


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TidalCycles (or Tidal for short) is a free/open source software project, and in particular a live coding environment for exploring pattern. It's used by a large community of people from around the world.
Tidal has been largely developed by volunteers and students, with some funding support for example from crowdfunders contributing to the founding developer Alex McLean's ko-fi page (now shutting down), and from the Google Summer of Code initiative.

As the Tidal community grows, this opencollective fund will accept donations towards development and documentation initiatives for the project, and potentially artist development opportunities. The overall aims will be:

* To develop free/open source software that reimagines computer programming as a live interface for musicians and other artists to creatively explore patterns.
* To make the software more accessible, including through documentation, translation and design, and encourage contributions from more people
* To foster a community of contributors and other users from diverse backgrounds.

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