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Open Collective
Youth-led event last week
Published on May 23, 2022 by Patta Scott-Villiers

A group of young people from York recently attended an event at Park Inn Hotel run by Together With Young People.  They listened to an inspirational speaker – Jonas – who talked about having a difficult time in his teenage years but has gone on to do great things.  They were then entertained by a Rap & Grime artist - Kritikal Powers, followed by a meal in the hotel restaurant and a workshop around aspirations for the future and skills needed to help themselves and others achieve their goals. The connection between young people from different parts of the city was amazing.

‘That was great!’ said one of the young people  ‘I enjoyed speaking out – it felt so good having people interested in what I had to say’  said another. And ‘I feel hopeful the future could be great if we work hard’. And we really liked this one: 'Can we do more of this?’