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Get Paid To Share Your Net
If you already have fast fibre, or even a flat-rate mobile connection, we'll pay you on the regular for putting up some Ubiquity Airmax antenna if you 're into climbing on your roof, or $100 out of your first payments I'll come and do it myself. It uses "power over ethernet" to safely get power up to the obviously waterproof wireless mesh routers. Ubiquity have invented a proprietary wireless protocol Airmax that operates in the same frequencies as Wifi, and is interoperable. The secret is that each router takes turn to talk based on the GPS satellite clocks.

Join the collective  get online for roughly half the cost
Starting in Glen Eden first - call me on 0212576422 - ideally only if you can see the ISP.FUNK.NZ access points. WiFi network names is my main form of advertising early on.
With the national broadband UFB scheme, the cheapest fibre plans start way above $41/month because that is what Chorus charge just for the layer-1 ethernet service into Datacentre in Queen st Auckland. That's not including bandwidth.