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Published on May 8, 2021 by Stefaniia Ivashchenko


Scientific research is responsible of making our life better, safer, healthier, more comfortable. But not everybody is aware about difficulties scientists meet to make this life possible. Continuous everyday stress, constant pressure and anxiety, fear about project deadlines, insecurity about reputation, troubled relationships with colleagues, unfair system of scientific evaluation, unemployment, « publish or perish » destiny, sexism, racism and other products of hypercompetitive scientific academic environment. Mental health problems are often associated with development of severe physical disorders. But does anybody care about it?

Toxic atmosphere in the research process not only is making harm to scientists’ well-being, it affects totality of the scientific progress. That is why we should start to talk about it openly. It does not matter, who you are: PhD student, university professor, research engineer, undergraduate or laboratory staff. Your story does make sense, share it to be heard!

You can share your story anonymously via Google Form or tweet by tagging @toxicsciencecom on Twitter.

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