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admin and running costs
running costs

Submitted by Shash Appan on November 10, 2021

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Registrar Receipt 1
Date: 11/10/2021

£0.10 GBP

Registrar Receipt 2
Date: 11/10/2021

£0.10 GBP

Registrar Receipt 3
Date: 11/10/2021

£31.20 GBP

Total amount £31.40

payout method

Bank account
By Shash Appanon

Expense created

By Keira Evanson

Expense approved

By Accountableon

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By Accountableon

Expense processing

By Accountableon

Expense paid

Collective balance
£14,841.95 GBP

Fiscal Host

Expense policies
We accept claims for the cost of medications, food, transport to appointments, counselling and anything related to your transition. We also support trans, nonbinary, and intersex (TIN) folk with bills and living expenses. We do not currently accept claims for money for pet expenses.

If you are applying for the first time, please provide the first half of your postcode and a link to one of your social media accounts in the "additional invoice information" box. This is to verify your identity and prevent scammers from taking money from trans people. 

Please also let us know how much you need (max. £60 per month) and what you need it for (eg. bills, food, debt etc etc) in the "additional invoice information" box.

For our full policy, please read the below document for full requirements when submitting for funding.


How do I get paid from a Collective?
Submit an expense and provide your payment information.
How are expenses approved?
Collective admins are notified when an expense is submitted, and they can approve or reject it.
Is my private data made public?
No. Only the expense amount and description are public. Attachments, payment info, emails and addresses are only visible to you and the admins.
When will I get paid?
Payments are processed by the Collective's Fiscal Host, the organization that hold funds on their behalf. Many Fiscal Hosts pay expenses weekly, but each one is different.
Why do you need my legal name?
The display name is public and the legal name is private, appearing on receipts, invoices, and other official documentation used for tax and accounting purposes.

Collective balance

Fiscal Host: