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Mutual aid group for trans and nonbinary people in South Wales. Our aim is to look after the material needs of community during COVID19 and beyond.


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Trans Aid Cymru is hosting the following events.

Past event

Pride Raffle 2021

06:00 PM UTC
A pride-themed raffle with first, second, and third prizes full of at from queer and trans artist...Read more

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Los Campesinos!

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Nerida Rose


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Los Campesinos!

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Ethan Evans

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Songbirds Choir

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News from Trans Aid Cymru

Updates on our activities and progress.

What we've been up to in June!

Hope everyone had an amazing pride month! Can you believe it’s been a year since Trans Aid Cymru was founded? We had a busy month working on our workshops and supporting trans folks throughout Wales! We raised an amazing £1,163 and spent £1...
Read more
Published on July 2, 2021 by Keira Evans

What we've been up to in May!

Happy Pride Month everyone! We can’t wait to catch you up on everything we’ve done in May and what’s coming up this month! We’ve been working hard on a few projects this month! One of those is our surgery recovery packs. These packs include...
Read more
Published on June 3, 2021 by Keira Evans

What we got up to in April!

Hey all! We raised an amazing £1,703 from 75 backers and we spent £639 on mutual aid projects! £100 of that went on our fortnightly GoFundMe spotlights! Due to the amount, we’ve saved over the past couple of months and thanks to our monthly...
Read more
Published on May 4, 2021 by Keira Evans


Let’s get the discussion going! This is a space for the community to converse, ask questions, say thank you, and get things done together.

Brilliant 👍

Published on November 28, 2020 by Lisa Croxford

I'm so glad something like this exists. I gave to the paypal account but I was slightly hesitant as it seemed like a bit of a black box and I wasn't sure what was going to happen this platform looks very interesting. Whilst my support comes...



We are a mutual aid group organized by a diverse team of radical trans and nonbinary people in South Wales. Our aim is to look after the material needs of trans, nonbinary and intersex people in our local community.

Your donations will go towards the material needs of trans, non-binary and intersex folks. You can read our funding policies here if you want to know more!

If you are looking for resources, you can find a bunch of them on our Carrd!