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Open Collective
Happy July! Here’s what we were up to in June!
Published on July 9, 2023 by Keira Evans

Thank you so much to everyone who donated this month! We’ve distributed £1500 in monthly grants, and £340 in emergency grants. Much thanks to Apothecary64 who are donating £2 of each Pride Edition Love Candle sale to us! Check them out here: 

In June, we boosted Sam’s fundraiser to help cover the costs of their top surgery. Please consider helping them reach their goal here: 

We had such a busy and wonderful Pride month! Here’s also your friendly reminder to bug Pride Cymru if you were expecting pay from them and haven’t yet received it. Thank you to those who shared their experiences at Pride Cymru. We shared some of the results here: and here: 

On 14th June, our cofounder Shash was featured by @DecolonisingE in their Economics of Queerness: Organising for Solidarity Systems talk. 

On 17th June, we attended the Big Queer Picnic and got to see so many of you! Thank you again to those who came by, and for the Big Queer Picnic team for arranging everything!

Here’s some information about things happening in our community: 

If you haven’t heard already, Enbys is fundraising to provide a big space for co-working, events, parties, food, workshops, support groups, and meetups! It is also a trans-run space! You can find more information here: or donate on their site:!/Enbys-t-shirts/p/559192739/category=150848524 

We were able to provide some notes about the Trans Wales Partnership which you can find here: 

TAC, along with many others, have signed an open letter from @DiffwysCriafol to @MarkDrakeford and the @CPSUK calling for amnesty for the young people criminalised from the unrest in Ely. VIew the letter here: 

We joined another open letter from @trans_safety on legal action against trans healthcare for autistic adults which you can find here: 

We stand in full solidarity with @GlitterCymru who recently withdrew from the Commission on the Integration of Refugees hearing due to transphobic comments. Find their official statement here: The refugee event was called off in response! Read more here: 

Here’s what’s coming up: 

As a reminder, @GlitterCymru will hold Wales’ QTIPOC Pride on 12th August from 3-6PM! The theme is #OurStories , and ticket donations go directly to supporting QTIPOC people in Wales with a special emphasis on refugees and asylum seekers. Get tickets here: 

Coming up yet this month is the Newport Meetup on the 15th and our meet at @DyddiauDu on the 17th. We have the wonderful Flatboy and Tash coming in to talk about trans joy and we're so excited! As always, we extend a special thank you to @notaphaseuk for funding and collaborating on these events!

@333_presents will hold a fundraiser for us at the Moon Club on 13th July at 6PM! Check out information and get tickets here: 

And one resource reminder: 
We put together a guide for applying for our surgery grants which is available here: Here’s a quick view guide: 

Thank you for your continued support! We’re excited to see you this month!! 
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