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Happy May! Here’s what we were up to in April
Published on May 6, 2024 by Kay R. Dennis

We received £2,980.42 from 86 financial contributors, and we spent £3,521.63. Our current balance is £14,623.99.

On 6th April, we had our monthly Cardiff meetup. Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you as always to @NotAPhaseOrg for funding and collaborating with us on these free sober socials! Trans, intersex, and non-binary people are welcome to join us for our next meetup on 4th May from 3-6 PM or for a future meet. DM us for the location! These are usually held on the first Saturday of each month. You can also apply for travel funding to the events on our Open Collective. 

On the 12th, we had our Big Splash event! These events are always a blast and allow us as trans, intersex, and nonbinary people to have a space to swim or use a gym. Join us for our next one on 10th May! These are usually held on the second Friday of each month. Of course, another big shoutout to @NotaPhaseOrg for supporting this event! The suggested donation amount is £5.50, and there are free tickets available. 

On the 15th, we had our Dyddiau Du meetup! Thank you as always to everyone who attended and to @NotAPhaseOrg for collaborating and funding. Join us at our next meetup on 20th May! You’re welcome to bring a board game, crafts you’re working on, or just come to socialise! These are usually held on the third Monday of each month. 

This month, we released a statement on the Cass Report. Our stance has been, is, and will continue to be that Wales needs a youth gender service. We formally called upon the Welsh Government, Welsh Gender Service, and everyone involved in the LGBTQ+ Action Plan to create one. 

If you would like to help, please consider donating to @ImpactLGBTQ to support LGBTQ+ youth in Cardiff. You can do so here: Please reach out for support if you need it. You can phone Mermaids (Monday through Friday from 9AM to 9PM) at 0808 8010 400, LGBT Switchboard (any day between 10AM and 10PM at 0800 0119 100), LGBT+ Cymru (Wednesdays between 10AM and 3PM) at 0800 917 9996, or attend a TAC meetup for solidarity and company. 

You can read our full statement on the Cass Report here: 

If you would like to review the Cass Report, we recommend viewing @trans_safety‘s statement which you can find here: 
You can also view @TransActualCIC ‘s statement here: 

One final note - we are in need of donations to keep TAC afloat! Demand for our grants has continued to increase over the past year and have outpaced our donations. In the first four months of 2024, we have had to deny 55% of the funds requested in grants.

At this point, we are likely to run out of money within four months and will no longer be able to support the TIN community in Wales financially. With your help, we can avoid decreasing the amount of money we give away. You can donate at You can find our full statement here: 

Another way to donate is through an upcoming limited edition beer fundraiser collab with @burumcollective and others - watch for an announcement on that soon! 

That’s all for this month. We’ll be back in June for our next update!