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Happy October! Here’s what we were up to in September
Published on October 4, 2023 by Keira Evans

We received £12,655.33 from 112 financial contributors, and we spent £3,505.24. Our current balance is £26,753.41. We want to send a massive thank you to an anonymous donor who gave £10,000! This donation makes a huge impact on our ability to help provide for trans, intersex, and non-binary people across Wales. Our team is currently deciding how best to distribute these new funds, and hopefully should have an update on that soon!

This month, we boosted Winter’s campaign to help raise money for bottom surgery. Winter is sooooo close to the goal - please consider donating here: 

Late in the month, we released the results of our Pride Cymru community survey. Thank you so much again to everyone who completed it! You can find the results on our website as PDFs or below. Note that these results are incredibly important but may potentially be upsetting: 

On 2nd September, we held our Cardiff community meetup. We had so much fun with everyone who attended and hope to see you later this month for our next meetup. Catch the details via DM or in the Discord. 

On 8th September, we held our monthly Big Splash event - a free swimming event for trans, intersex, and nonbinary people. We had a blast and hope to see you later this month for our October Big Splash! DM us or see the Discord for details. 

From 15th to 17th September, we attended Trans Pride Cardiff (which some of our members helped create)! Thank you so much to everyone who attended and made it so amazing. Trans Pride Cardiff estimates that around 300-400 people attended the protest march! It was three days of celebrating our community and included both protests and celebration - including a craft fair and community fair! We raised and incredible £317.55 for through the craft fair, and we’re so thankful to the Trans Pride Cardiff team for helping organize it! We were also thankful to @DyddiauDu for hosting an Acoustic Afternoon! We’re still a little exhausted from it, but we cannot wait for next year! 

Speaking of Dyddiau Du, please check out our events to see details for our next meetup there this month. As always, you can DM us or see the Discord for details! 

@bigqueerpicnic has released a survey looking for anonymous feedback. Note that you can complete it whether or not you attended this year’s BQP! 

Here’s a reminder about some resources you might find useful: 

@DCCymru , Disability Collective Cymru, run a Cardiff-based grassroots community group for disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent people in Wales! Find out more below: 

For trans women and transfemme people over 50, @Genderintell have created an online support group! FInd more information here: 

@MindOutLGBTQ have an online support group for trans and non-binary people who experience suicidal feelings. Check out this post if you are interested: You can find their online support hours here: 

If you are on a waitlist for transition related care, @TransActualUK are currently running a survey you may be interested in. You can complete it at for a chance to win a £50 gift voucher!