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What we got up to in April!
Published on May 4, 2021 by Keira Evans

Hey all! We raised an amazing £1,703 from 75 backers and we spent £639 on mutual aid projects! £100 of that went on our fortnightly GoFundMe spotlights! Due to the amount, we’ve saved over the past couple of months and thanks to our monthly donators we’ve decided to up our monthly £25 grants to 10 people! This is a huge boost and will really have a positive impact on the community! 

We also gave away a few emergencies grants this month, helping trans folks deal with unexpected debt and funding someone’s surgery consultation! These kinds of appointments are essential to trans folks and missing them is not an option. We’re so glad we have the funds to help with these kinds of emergencies! On the support side of things our volunteers managed to get a service user PIP and obtained a higher rate of ESA for them! 

Our workshop series has been going great with a Q&A with Dr Sophie Quinney from the Welsh Gender Service! People had a chance to ask a huge range of questions and it was super informative. We also raised an amazing £120 from our Trans Life Drawing event this month! We’ll be hosting another life drawing along with other workshops very soon! 

Our Cardiff based gardening project also just launched! Folks will be able to share seeds, produce and tips through our dedicated WhatsApp chat! Find out more about it on our projects page! 

Shash Appan, one of our founders has been making the news again! She was featured in Wales Online’s Lesbian Visibility Week feature! 

We’re looking forward to next month, we’re already busy planning workshops! Again, thank you all so much for supporting us! 

Victoria louise stevens

Posted on May 4, 2021

Thankyou very much  for continuing to support and look after me. Thanks Victoria S xx