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Open Collective
What we've been up to in August!
Published on September 5, 2021 by Keira Evans

Hey all! Back with another update! It’s been a really busy month for us at TAC! We’ve had more grant applications than ever and started our in-person meetups! 

We received £1,665 from 87 backers and we spent £1,708. We’ve held two meetups this month and they’ve been fab! It’s great to see folks in person again! We currently are renting out a place to make sure everyone is safe and spent £102 on that this month. Trans Life Drawing was back again this month and we had a great time drawing Frankie! There will be another Life Drawing session announced on social media soon! We also made a trip down to ACT Cardiff’s squat in Cathays! We gave out stickers, collected donation and it was a lovely chance to talk to our supporters! You can find our more about that here: 

A Small Trans Library has opened in Wales! One of our volunteers started this up and we’re excited to see it grow! They’re currently in the early stages but are looking for trans volunteers and will have a website soon. You can follow them here: 

On twitter we had a great thread of job opportunities suitable for trans folks! If you missed it, you can see them all here! 

We officially launched our Surgery Recovery Packs! We’ve been working on this a while and it’s so great to be able to offer them to the community! Folks having affirming surgeries can get things like ice packs, pads and a spare post-op binder free of charge! This is super important as the NHS doesn’t cover these kinds of things and they really help out during recovery. You can read more about this project on our website! 

That’s all for this month! As always we’re thankful for all our supporters and so happy to be able to help other trans folks out!