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What we've been up to in Febuary!
Published on March 3, 2021 by Keira Evans

It’s that time of the month again where we update you on what Trans Aid Cymru has been up to!

This month we held two of our trans focused workshops! These are funded by Comic Relief's LGBTQ COVID-19 Recovery Fund, in partnership with METRO Charity and Umbrella Cymru. GUNK Zine Club, run by Miles focused on expressing yourself through zine formats and getting loose and free with your art! Sammy’s Budgeting for Beginners made us take a look at our finances and help work out how you can start budgeting in an open accepting environment! Both of these workshops will be uploaded to our website as courses over the next month! Once they’re up we’ll link them on social media so keep an eye out!

We’ve also announced our new workshops for the upcoming months! They include a Healthy Sex and Relationships workshop and Q&A by Rhi Kemp-Davies, a non-binary relationship therapist! We also have Dr Quinney dropping in to talk about trans healthcare in Wales and a session dedicated to trans POC run by Shash Appan! Check them out and book places below:

We had an amazing 32 backers joined us and have received £842 from 62 backers and we spent £869! Our current balance is £2,877.

We started our fundraiser boost this month! Every two weeks we help a trans person raise money for their fundraiser by boosting it on social media and donating £50 to it! We’re currently sharing Ariah’s fundraiser so if you’re able, please donate to them!

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all good news. One of our founders was removed from a youth hustings event where Helen Mary Jones was present. Shash had a trans flag as her background and icon and Youth Cymru removed her from the event with no warning. Since then they’re released a statement falsely accusing Shash of being abusive to volunteers. You can find out more on this twitter thread and can find Shash’s statement below. There is also a petition going around asking Plaid Cymru to remove Helen Mary Jones as her transphobia is out of hand. It would mean a lot if you could sign it.

Despite the transphobes we continue to support trans folks in Wales, we gave 6 grants of £25 out this month! We’re working hard on launching some new projects including gardening and food delivery for those in need. We’ve also started a service for trans folks to get free tech repairs and tech advice! You can find that at the Trans Tech Tent, their social media is below!

As always thanks for supporting us and we’re always posting on social media if you want to keep up to date throughout the month!