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What we've been up to in January!
Published on February 3, 2022 by Keira Evans

Hi folks! January has gone by so fast and it’s time again for an update on what we’ve been doing! 

In January we raised an amazing £2,155 to support the community! We’ve also spent £2,403. A big portion of this has been on our monthly grants as we increased them to £30. We also increased slots, so 30 people a month receive grants. This means we are now spending £900 a month on these grants! Demand for emergency grants has really increased as we’ve noticed the impact of increased gas bills. The knock-on effect has meant many trans people are struggling to buy food and pay for their transition related healthcare. 

We also distributed 6 £80 grants for trans femmes to help with the cost of their HRT. This was part funded by FiveForFive, and by generous donations! These one of grants have really helped people out and meant they don’t have to worry about the cost of their medications for a few months. 

Currently we’ve had a really big uptick in support needs and at the same time some of our volunteers have fallen sick. This does mean we’re taking longer to respond to emails and queries! We’re hopefully bringing some new volunteers on board in February to bring our capacity to support back up! 

Another thing we did this month was support folks who were travelling for their booster jabs! This was hugely helpful for disabled TIN folks who struggle on public transport. 

Another project we’ve been working on this month is distributing stickers! We produce “Trans in Wales?” stickers for the community and you are now able to apply for them online! We suggest donating £3 when ordering to help cover costs and it can take up to two weeks for them to be shipped. Check em out here! 

Something else that is cool is that Manifold Arts, based in Cardiff, want to work with us on a art project! It will be based around euphoria and they’re looking for TIN folks to respond to have an idea of what people would like to see! 

In February we’re hopefully putting together some events to help out the community! Keep your eyes peeled and look after yourselves! 


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