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Open Collective
What we've been up to in July!
Published on August 4, 2021 by Keira Evans

Hey all! July has been a real busy one for us! We finished up our workshop series, helped out a lot of folks and started planning new events!

We’ve had a lot of emergency grants this month, totalling £405. This has been a lot more than previous months due to a multitude of reasons. The heatwave really effected trans folks, with them needing to buy fans and gender-affirming clothes. We also had applications to help resolve debt, apply to college and make sure folks can buy food before their next paycheck. 

Our monthly £25 grants have also gone out to 8 trans folks in Wales! We’ve highlighted two different fundraisers on our social media and donated both of them £50 to help them reach their goals!

Our last two workshops funded by METRO in association with Umbrella Cymru happened this month! We held a sticker making workshop where trans artists came together to talk about their work and inspiration! We then distributed a grant to attendees of £30 so they could start making their own stickers inspired by the workshop! We also had our Open Mic night, hosted by Soph! It was an amazing time packed with so many talented folks and was such a lovely way to end the workshop series!

We’ve added resources and recordings of some events on our website, so definitely check that out!

Trans Life Drawing however has become its own spin off event and is self funded! Ticket sales help us pay trans folks for their time modelling, and anything left after paying them is donated into our mutual aid pot! We had a lovely time drawing Beck on the 31st, and a new event will be announced later this month! Follow the Instagram to keep up to date!

In upcoming events, we have some meetups planned for trans folks! For safety reasons we’re only posting the event link in our Facebook group, but if you’re trans, feel free to join and come along!

Shelflife is also hosting an online book launch for Shon Faye’s new book, The Transgender Issue. Shash (one of our founders) will be hosting the discussion and all ticket proceeds are going to be donated to our fund!

We also have some stickers, badges and face masks for sale right now in the PAM shop in the Welsh Millennium Center! Made in Roath helped us make a bunch of it and all the profits will be going to our fund!

Thanks so much for supporting us! Honestly, doing these write up reminds me how much work we are able to do to help the community!