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What we've been up to in May!
Published on June 3, 2021 by Keira Evans

Happy Pride Month everyone! We can’t wait to catch you up on everything we’ve done in May and what’s coming up this month! 

We’ve been working hard on a few projects this month! One of those is our surgery recovery packs. These packs include pillows, painkillers and supplies to help trans folks recover without having to worry about getting all the supplies. We’re sending out first pack out this week! So far, we only have one so it’s very much on a trail basis at this time but we’re going to use the feedback to improve them and hopefully expand on the idea! 

Another exciting project that is currently in the works is that we’ve been in contact with the Welsh Gender Service about their garden! Our gardening project volunteers are working on some ideas on what to plant there and we’re so excited to see what they come up with! If you’re trans and would like to be involved with the group shoot us an email at [email protected] and we can add you to the whatsapp group! 

Our monthly grants have been released this month and we’ve helped trans folks with the costs of travelling to surgery appointments, bills, and food. Our emergency grants have also helped two trans folks with the cost of a moving van and emergency phone repairs. 

We’ve been working with The Queer Emporium who’ve just opened in town! They have an amazing array of work by queer artists and its perfect way to support LGBTQ folks! We’ve worked with them to sell some Trans Aid Cymru badges! Profits from them go to us and we’re hugely thankful to The Queer Emporium for the opportunity! They also invited us to their spotlight with ITV News to talk about why this kind of work is important! You can watch that below! 

We also were featured in Wales Online in a list of Welsh LGBT+ organisations you can support throughout Pride Month! 

Keep an eye out on our social media as we have a raffle coming up next month! All the ticket sales will help us fund our grants and we have some truly amazing queer artists donating art to it! We’re looking forward to launching the raffle and everything that Pride Month will bring!