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Water Bar Fund RaiseHer

Family! For my Bearthday this year I’m Fund Raising for a Spring Aqua Wet 7 Water Machine. Which is a newer Water Technology based on the Natrual principles of ‘Biomimicry’ instead of ‘Electrolysis’ to produce Hydrogen Ionized Water. This first phase is about Creative Education, which i have been ‘Drippin Water Kodez’ & particularly setting up my Water Altar at Intentional events all over the country with Vortex Tech. *In the Contribute page - click ’Other’ & enter amount🙏

Thanks to the support of Natrual Actions Vortex Tech & Our project Gaias Gift, we have been cure-rating space for ppl to taste.. therefore learn the difference between “Informed Water & Uninformed Water”

 ür Investment into me is an Investment into Water Bars/ Water Garden.. An entirely New/ Old Way of Currentsea exchange & Co-Harmonizing Celebration & Honour.. 

Producing Atmospheres of substance & radiance.. from lights, sound systems, to visual aesthetics.. plants.. earthy.. an ecology of intentional music & community workshops… the potential & opportunities of mimicking Water Kodez & beecoming employed by Nature reach far & wide✊🪶🪬

Here’s a peep into the Water Altar Journey

Here is Info on the Spring Aqua Machine:

This is about Gaia’s Gift:

Our method of Current-Sea Kollection will be through our Native American nonprofit, “Tree of Light,” so if there’s large donations we can give ü A receipt for tax purposes.

For full transparency, The Spring Aqua is 4K, and will allow me to travel & demonstrate structured, living water on the road.

Where as the Natrual Action R2 Filtration, pressed carbon, 24 stage flow form, Ionizer, Vortexer is a custom system We are also ManaFesting for the Water Bar in Las Vegas which is another, which is 9k

Water Bars.. A New Conscious Social Attration..  Where city folk can not only fill up Living Structured Water, but also a space to socialize &  get drunk off of Living Structured Crystal Water & soak in vibez..

*Gaias Gift Pitch Deck Available*

^Other Ways to Support..

 ~My Colombian Friends & I joint project of distributing in a good way mama Cacao (Kakao)

“If it ain’t drippin im dippin”
~kakao kode

~Our Gaias Gift- Bamboo Salt Ionic Trace Minerals

Background Info: 

The Kangen Machine uses electrolysis to produce negatively charged ionized Hydrogen Water. Which is fine, but that  means it electrocutes the water to force the hydrogen apart from the oxygen.

The Spring Aqua uses dissolved minerals particularly magnesium, as well as the Maifan Stone, & weak, electromagnetic fields so that the queen can Ionize, oxygenate & Hydronate herself if we are water, & anything we do to water you’re doing to yourself, then…


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