Triplebyte lets talented software engineers skip resumes recruiters and go straight to final interviews at multiple top tech companies at once.

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Triplebyte lets talented software engineers skip resumes recruiters and go straight to final interviews at multiple top tech companies at once.

Hi! This is the Open Collective profile of Triplebyte, a company in San Francisco.

Supporting Open Source

We're excited to be supporting the Open Source Collective and want to help make open source projects sustainable with our new affiliate program. If your open source project has substantial web traffic to your project or documentation sites, we may be able to help your project build a substantial source of passive income. We're already working with great open source sites like If you're interested, email mike at company domain. :)

A little more info about Triplebyte

We're a team of software engineers and founders who have personally been on both sides of the technical interview process. We think the process could use a major upgrade, so we're reinventing it from the ground up.

Here's how it works for engineers:

First, take our online coding quiz.

The quiz is a series of multiple choice questions covering topics like basic control structures, basic data structures, basic web development, and basic system design.

If it sounds silly for you to take a quiz, you may be surprised. Most people tell us the questions are surprisingly well designed to be an overall good screener for engineering talent.

FYI, before you take the quiz:

  • You truly don't have to know everything.
  • It's designed to be hard to study for.
  • You might be really strong at the last section, so just do your best and go through the whole thing.

Just try it and show us your strengths, whatever they are.

Then, when you're ready, at your convenience, do a Google Hangouts call with one of our engineers for a single, centralized, standardized technical interview.

Share your screen and use any programming language and environment of your choice.

We'll give you a small, well-defined program to write in a series of increasingly challenging steps.

Nobody ever gets to the last step. Just get as far as you can while showing us that you can write clean, correct code.

We have some short answer questions, a debugging challenge, and a system design problem to round out the interview.

After the interview, we'll give you specific feedback of areas where you can improve.

We'll match you with 10-20 companies that are actively hiring for your particular skillset, and you'll select your favorite 3-8 companies that you're most excited to talk to.

We'll schedule interviews on your behalf, and since you're pre-screened for your technical skills by us here at Triplebyte, you'll be able to skip straight to the final onsite interview at each company.

We'll help you coordinate and schedule with multiple companies at the same time.

We'll help you negotiate with our market-wide data.

And best of all, it's completely free for software engineers. Companies pay us and let our engineers skip straight to final interviews only because we find them great software engineers and save them a ton of time.

Companies hiring on our platform today include Apple, Mixpanel, Instacart, Dropbox, and a few hundred others. Take a look at the logos on our homepage -- we'll wait right here.

And if you're curious, just take our coding quiz to get started.