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TypeGraphQL 1.0
Published on August 20, 2020 by Michał Lytek
TypeGraphQL 1.0 has been released! 🚀It was amazing 2 years spent on filling the gap between TypeScript and GraphQL. Now it's the time for the first stable release. All of this wouldn't be possible without the amazing support from the commun...
Towards release 1.0
Published on May 8, 2020 by Michał Lytek
The first Release Candidate version of major 1.0.0 was recently released 🎉 is also distributed...
Last week the preview of the upcoming TypeGraphQL & Prisma Framework integration has been released on NPM! 🎉It allows to generate TypeGraphQL classes and resolvers based on your `schema.prisma` file. Check out this feature - more inf...
Future of TypeGraphQL
Published on April 2, 2019 by Michał Lytek
Just a little update for all the magnificent backers 🙌 You can take a look at the issue describing enhanced types reflection system:
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