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Crowdfunding: 20 young UBI activists will advocate for basic income at the European Parliament
Published on April 23, 2018 by Aurélie Hampel

Support our mobility and bring basic income to the agenda! EYE2018 1-2 June 2018: 20 young UBI advocates from 10 nationalities will participate in European Youth Event 2018 in Strasbourg at European Parliament. A meeting gathering NGOs, MEPs and 8,000 young Europeans.

During 3 days, we'll participate to activities, be part of the roundtable on basic income and distribute a booklet with UBI proposals for Europe (if we gather the budget for it)!

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First goal: 4500€ to cover travel and accommodation

Second goal: 5500€ to print booklets with UBI proposals for Europe

A good way to prepare the European elections!

Third goal: 7000€ to rent a space for Sunday workshop

After 2 days of networking, we will organise an internal workshop to see how to develop new projects for basic income together and invite other participants to EYE2018 event.

Fourth goal: 10.000€ to organise a summer university

Beyond this event in Strasbourg, UBIE could organise its first summer university to prepare a campaign for the European elections. It could be a good occasion to invite our contacts made at EYE2018 event!

contact person: Aurélie Hampel - project coordinator: aurelie [at]