We are Unconditional Basic Income Europe.

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published on April 23, 2018
Support our mobility and bring basic income to the agenda! EYE2018 1-2 June 2018: 20 young UBI advocates from 10 nationalities will participate in European Youth Event 2018 in Strasbourg at European Parliament. A meeting gathering NGOs, MEPs and 8,000…


We are Unconditional Basic Income Europe.

Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) advocates for the implementation of Basic Income in Europe. In 2013, we collected 300,000 signatures across all EU member countries for this cause, and our alliance grew out of this effort. 

UBIE connects over 200 active members from 25 countries across the continent. They invest great amounts of their time, energy and money into organising regular meetings in cities all over Europe, developing projects to promote basic income and raising public awareness as well as support among decision makers. As a result, basic income is now on the agenda in the policy debates of many European countries.  

With your help, we can strengthen our financial foundation in order to professionalise our work and accelerate the UBI journey. With Open Collective we can transparently show how your contributions make a difference.


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