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To raise funds for the up keep and to buy essential equipment for the community cafe


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The community cafe project aims to provide an informal and affordable local meeting place, and to serve affordable, nutritious, local food. 
The facility will also double as a teaching kitchen. This will enable people of all ages and especially those living on their own, to experiment with recipes, gain new skills and confidence and enjoy learning about good nutrition, buying ingredients and cooking on a budget. 
Encouraging social eating will support several priority issues for Nottingham , particularly isolation, nutrition and well being. A community cafe will also aid local communications, and help to build individual networks and community cohesion. This project is also inter-generational, and can offer wide-reaching health and well being benefits. 
It is firmly believed that opportunity for eating in a social context, access to nutritious, value for money meals is a crucial element of the programme. It helps reduce social isolation, encourages social inclusion, and provides a focus, and is in essence, another social space, but with a clear purpose. Many people living alone often do not go to the trouble of cooking proper meals. There is strong local support for this area of activity. The emerging vision of this venture is to establish a ‘community cafe’ 

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