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Ukraine War Victims unTold Stories

Help Rehabilitate Ukraine Refugees . Economic Empowerment


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Hiring Ukraine Refugee Field Coordinators

Our Employees & Community owned startup,, TellunTOLD Publishing Ltd seeks to hire 5 Ukraine Refugee Field Coordinators in Poland. The job has been posted on and the link is below. Please forward it to relevant communities....
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Published on August 29, 2022 by Tashu Gudokin

Pre-Order Crowdfunding Launched for Employees & Creator Community Owned Startup

The fundraising campaign for TellunTold's Ukraine War Victim's Project has started. Here's Google Update:...
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Published on August 28, 2022 by Tashu Gudokin


"Ukraine War Victims unTOLD Stories" is an independent Collective Cloud Crowd Publisher. It's part of the Global Crowd Publishing Cloud Ecosystem built by TellunTold Publishers Ltd, an Employee & Community Owned Crowd Publishing Startup

TellunTold can be summarised as -- Creative Community & Employees Owned Patreon . 
  • 74% owned by creator community & Employees (37% + 37%). 
  • The rest 26% is held by Non-profit Impact Incubator of 4ir 4all Ltd. 

Our core marketing team will soon update the profile with more details. Meanwhile, you can have a fair idea of the initiative's impact, business model etc. if you visit our incubator's and our website:

TellunTold Website:
Non-profit Impact Incubator: 

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Ukraine War Victim's Untold Stories

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