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Unicorn Witnesses | Glocal nonprofit community 🦄

We learning, teaching and creating socially relevance digital products

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Unicorn Witnesses | Glocal nonprofit community 🦄 is all of us

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Thank you for supporting Unicorn Witnesses | Glocal nonprofit community 🦄.


🦄 Unicorn Witnesses: Social relevance brings people together to create digital products. As international nonprofit organization.

If you want to invest / donate / subscribe / collaborate in our team or have collaboration
please text us [email protected]

At UW we care about accessibility, adaptability and localization of our digital products. We put the user's goals first. Within the team we automate routines, maintain a requirements management system, train and share knowledge with newcomers and seasoned IT people who are tired of working in the first go-round. 

Focus on socially relevant digital products and the processes that take place in them. Aimed at maximum efficiency and transparency. We focus on security and data protection from unscrupulous market players. 

We're about free team learning, scalability, usability, user experience, strategy/requirements/tasks/versions/infrastructure management of user experience design/translation/adaptations/legalizations/releases/continuous- integration/delivery/testing.

❤️ Ideology

1. Write into the ideology what you think is right
2. Always add the instructions and conclusions we make to the general knowledge base, this will help our explosive growth
3. update common templates for activities we do to make it easier for others and ourselves to do those activities again
4. Create value points for ourselves and help others create them
5. Encourage and stay the course on collegially derived strategic goals.
6. Pursue new heights
7. Update and improve tools
8. Do not economize on development and innovation
9. Increase the staff of the team by creating natural partnerships and healthy competition.
10. Develop Team Members as Individuals and Self-Exercise
Take vacations and travel
12. Strive to achieve their goals
13. Help team members in all matters without leaving them alone with problems
14. Don't over do it "because I can do it better".
15. Format all documents according to the header hierarchy

🦄 Community communication amenities:

1. Not to use inappropriate profanity, also try to avoid jargon, obscene language.
2. Be transparent and open to dialogue with all new people 
3. feel free to ask for advice
4. Avoid creating panic
5. Not blaming anyone, regardless of the complexity of the problem
6. Address team members by putting them in context about the issue.
7. Respond in Slack in the tracks and create the opportunity for all communications to immerse the person in context

🚀 Our values are

1. We share innovation and are constantly on the lookout for it
2. We formalize knowledge to automate routines
3. we help teammates and people
4. We take care of ourselves, our health, and the health of those around us
5. We care about nature and climate change
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