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MMMM! Monday 10 June, Movie (A New We: Ecological Communites and Ecovillages in Europe), Meal & Mingling

Inspiring documetaries, short films by local filmmakers, (mostly organic) vegan curries, + hot & cold drinks

Monday, June 10, 2024, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+01:00)
Fiscal Host: United Diversity


United Diversity Bridport and Sustainable Bridport present: MMMM! Monday Movie, Meal & Mingling

Inspiring documentaries, short films by local filmmakers, (mostly) organic vegan curries, hot and cold drinks.

An exciting new fortnightly event for Bridport in the lovely White Room at the Chapel in the Garden (entry via Rax Lane)

This week we're screening:

Shorts from around 6:30

And then the main feature from around 7pm:

A New We: Ecological Communities and Ecovillages in Europe (1hr 56m) 2015

Get your tickets and pre-book your food now 🎟️ 🍲😋 

We'll have delicious food (a mostly organic) vegan curry from 6ish:

- Hot organic courgette 'meatballs' in spice gravy
- Organic cabbage with onions
- Masoor Dal with fried onion tarka
- Organic Basmati rice

Pre-book to avoid disappointment!

A New We: Ecological Communities and Ecovillages in Europe (1hr 56m) 2015

Now more than ever before people all over the planet are seeking new sustainable models for living.  EcoVillages and ecological communities have been emerging as a viable alternative where people can live together in cooperation and harmony with the natural world.  

The Austrian documentary filmmaker Stefan Wolf(aka Shin Veda) traveled through Europe in order to explore and document well established eco-communities that portray some of the broad spectrum of lifestyle possibilities that are part of our global effort to transition to a sustainable world.

Experience ecovillages and ecological communities in Europe in this two hour long documentary portrait.

The variety of situations and voices in A New We inspires hope for the future of humanity and all life on the planet. The lives shown here are more motivated by imagination, vision, respect and cooperation than by economic forces and social expectations. In these 10 communities, the creative solutions to many social, environmental and economic challenges exemplify the nearly infinite capacity for human-, community- and self-development.

10 European communities from 8 countries are presented:
  • Sieben Linden |  Germany
  • Schloss Tonndorf |  Germany
  • Krishna Valley |  Hungary
  • Damanhur |  Italy
  • Schloss Glarisegg | Switzerland
  • La Borie Noble |  France
  • Valle de Sensaciones |  Spain
  • Matavenero |  Spain
  • Tamera |  Portugal
  • Finca Tierra |  Canary island

It’s a film that enlightens, encourages and spreads hope – for a new world and A New We. 

 The film leads you through the fascinating world of communities.

  • How are these communities organized?
  • What decision-making processes do they use?
  • How they finance themselves?
  • What food choices do they make?
  • How much of the food and energy that they need do they produce?
  • Is spirituality important?
  • How do adults and children interact?
  • Are there schools?

These and other questions are addressed in this unique and important film documentary. 

 "Every once in a while, a film comes along that can transform the way we live. “A New We” by the Austrian filmmaker Stefan is such a film."

- Will M. Tuttle, Ph.D., author, The World Peace Diet

"This film shows in an impressive and a touching way, that countless communities all around the world are already living "A New We“!"

 - Matthias Gerber, SPUREN: Swiss magazine

We'll also have:

Delicious (mostly) organic vegan curries from Fergus Bradbeer aka Vegie Vortex (who also does the curries at Beach and Barnicott), plus hot and cold drinks. 

Please note:

Our room hire costs £42/ week so if you're able to able to contribute more than the default ticket amount then please do so. 

We also need to ensure enough people come along to make it worthwhile for Fergus to keep coming along to cook up the delicious food - so invite a friend!

Many thanks in advance. Together We Have Everything.

Get your tickets and pre-book your food now 🎟️ 🍲😋 

United Diversity Bridport

Our goal: get the Bridport bioregion into the Doughnut by making "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society" a reality in our locality.

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