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Open Collective

MMMM! Monday 13 May, Movie (Outgrow the System), Meal & Mingling

Inspiring documetaries, short films by local filmmakers, (mostly organic) vegan curries, + hot & cold drinks

Monday, May 13, 2024, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+01:00)
Fiscal Host: United Diversity


United Diversity Bridport and Sustainable Bridport present: MMMM! Monday Movie, Meal & Mingling

Inspiring documentaries, short films by local filmmakers, (mostly) organic vegan curries, hot and cold drinks.

An exciting new fortnightly event for Bridport in the lovely White Room at the Chapel in the Garden (entry via Rax Lane)

This week we're screening:

Shorts from around 6:30

And then the main feature films from around 7pm:

Outgrow the System (58 mins) 2023

Get your tickets and pre-book your food now 🎟️ 🍲😋 

We'll have delicious food (a mostly organic vegan curry) from 6ish:

Stewed beetroot
Chickpeas with garlic, tomato and green chilli
Masoor Dal
Basmati rice
Indian salad

Outgrow the System (58 mins) 2023

"Change the system, not the climate" is a common demand in the climate movement. But what kind of system do we actually want? In the midst of humanity's worst crisis, the pioneers stand ready. Meet the new economic perspectives that have the potential to change the world at its core.

The orginal meaning of the word ”economy” is "household management”. The economy of today however, is not householding, but rather consuming our finite natural resources at an alarming pace. "Outgrow the System" explores how we can return to the essence of the term and design an economic system that genuinely manages our scarce resources.

Beyond the narrow mainstream debate and the teachings of business schools, numerous new economic ideas and practices are emerging. They challenge old assumptions and offer fresh perspectives on how we can reorganize our production and consumption, in order to ensure our survival as a species on this planet.

"Outgrow the System" aims to bring these transformative ideas to the forefront. It celebrates the abundance of creativity and ideas that exist worldwide, urging them to collide and converge. The film envisions a world where social movements worldwide can rally behind positive visions instead of merely opposing dystopias.

With this film we want to democratize the conversation around the economy, ecology, and democracy. Economics should be a topic accessible to all, not confined to experts. We wish to empower viewers to engage in discussions about economic models and to foster hope th at change is not only possible, but already underway. Let's join in the movement for change!

We'll be asking for donations towards the filmmakers impact campaign on the night, but you can also donate here:

We'll also have:

Delicious (mostly) organic vegan curries from Fergus Bradbeer aka Vegie Vortex (who also does the curries at Beach and Barnicott), plus hot and cold drinks. 

Please note:

Our room hire costs £42/ week so if you're able to able to contribute more than the default ticket amount then please do so. 

We also need to ensure enough people come along to make it worthwhile for Fergus to keep coming along to cook up the delicious food - so invite a friend!

Many thanks in advance. Together We Have Everything.

Get your tickets and pre-book your food now 🎟️ 🍲😋 

United Diversity Bridport

Our goal: get the Bridport bioregion into the Doughnut by making "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society" a reality in our locality.

If you'd like to help out or get more involved:


The Chapel in the Garden


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