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University of Birmingham Mutual Support Fund has been archived.

University of Birmingham Mutual Support Fund has been archived and is no longer active.

University of Birmingham Mutual Support Fund


Financial support for precarious colleagues hit by university cuts. Applications are now open until the end of February; apply here:


University of Birmingham Mutual Support Fund is all of us

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Simon Jackson


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Tom Cutterham


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David Bailey

£275 GBP

Niall Gallen

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Tony Dobbins

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£100 GBP


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Contribution #93897
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News from University of Birmingham Mutual Support Fund

Updates on our activities and progress.

Our First Round of Support

I'm very pleased to report that our first round of grants is complete. Through the generosity and solidarity of this community, the community of workers and students at the University of Birmingham, we've been able to give real, substantial...
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Published on October 7, 2020 by Tom Cutterham


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Rules for the Fund

Published on June 23, 2020 by Tom Cutterham

We will need to agree on a set of rules for how the fund will operate before we begin to ask for contributions. In the "About" section of this page, I have had a go a...



This fund is operated by members of the University of Birmingham branch of the UCU. You do not need to be a UCU member to apply. The rules of the fund are below. Applications are currently open until the end of February. To apply, please fill out the simple webform here.
1. The purpose of this fund is to support colleagues and former colleagues at the University of Birmingham, whose jobs and income have been cut or lost during the coronavirus pandemic. That includes all academic and academic-related staff whose contracts were due to end before October 2020, and all Postgraduate Teaching Assistants and other hourly-paid academic staff who had reasonable expectations of being employed during the 2020-21 academic year. 
2. The administrators of this fund are Tom Cutterham, Mairead Enright, Simon Jackson, Sarah Kenny, and Rachel Sykes. By majority vote, the administrators of the fund may appoint new administrators, and amend these rules. Any administrator may conduct the operations necessary to distribute funds in accordance with these rules. In the event that the number of administrators falls to one or zero, the fund should cease to accept donations. 
3. This fund will accept donations at any time, from any individual or organisation, via the OpenCollective platform, subject to the rules and regulations of that platform. 
4. Applications may be made to the fund, in the first instance, during the month of September 2020. Applicants must provide details necessary for payment, specify their relationship to the University of Birmingham, and specify the amount of income they expect to lose during the period from 1st September 2020 to 31st December 2020. Grants from the fund may not exceed the amount lost in any given period. Applicants may also specify an amount, less than the total amount lost, that they are requesting from the fund. 
5. Applications will be deemed valid provided that the applicant’s current or former relationship to the university can be confirmed by either (a) one of the administrators of this fund, (b) any member of the branch Anti-Casualisation Committee of the University and College Union, or (c) any permanent member of staff in the applicant’s current or former department. 
6. Grants should be made from the fund as soon as possible after the last day of September, proportionately to the amount requested (or, if not specified, the amount lost) for each individual, up to the maximum requested (or lost), or until all the money held by the fund as of the last day of September has been distributed. Should the fund receive further donations after the last day of September 2020 then the same process should take place in four-monthly periods, with applications beginning in January 2021, and so on, until no further donations are received. 
7. If the amount in the fund is more than the total amount requested in a given period, then the excess shall be carried over into the next period. If there is money remaining in the fund and there are no applicants to receive it, the administrators may agree an appropriate charity or organisation to which to donate the remaining funds. In the event there are funds remaining but no-one to administer them, the remaining funds should revert to the Social Change Nest or an appropriate recipient nominated by them.