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Software engineer passionate about nature, chatbots, artificial intelligence, home automation and front-end technologies.


At the age of 2 I learned to read. When I was 7 years old, I started learning English on my own using donated old books. I discovered HTML and CSS at age 10 and started programming at 14, creating chatbots on Telegram with limited resources and smartphones broken by financial constraints. My life changed in 2020, when my story of programming on broken phones went viral, leading to support that paved the way for my entry into the professional technology market.

In 2021, I joined PicPay, a major player and pioneer in the mobile payments scene in Brazil, with more than 50 million users. Within a high-impact team, I played a crucial role in maintaining PicPay's API gateway, used by both internal and external services. This involves complex responsibilities, including onboarding, authorizing and authenticating external business partners. Notably, I participated in the API Gateway migration, taking responsibility for mapping, parsing and converting all existing routes from one solution to another.

Creator of pyromod, a Python library that has had an impressive 900,000 downloads. pyromod played a key role in revolutionizing the conversational chatbot landscape using Pyrogram, a renowned Python library for managing the Telegram user and bot API. Before pyromod, developing conversational bots presented significant challenges, especially in collecting messages and responses from users. Pyromod has made this process much easier, simplifying the development of conversational bots, enabling an easy, single-line implementation that leverages the power of async/await logic.

I'm also the human of three adorable cats, and dancing has always been my passion before I even started programming.