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Open Collective
US-RSE's First Year with the Open Collective Foundation
Published on June 22, 2022 by Julia Damerow

It’s been a year! A little over a year ago, US-RSE became a hosted initiative with the Open Collective Foundation. This was an important milestone for us as an organization, as it allows us to collect money as an association and do something with it! Our budget is not very large but we are still growing and hopefully so will our budget.

Last year, we held a successful t-shirt fundraiser that raised $1643.66! Additionally, we have a few individual contributors that donated money and Vanessa Sochat’s donation of her ScienceSlam@SC20 prize money. Thank you all! With that money, we were able to have a professional designer create a new US-RSE logo and rent a booth at SC22.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in last year's fundraiser, don’t despair! We are planning for another one in the months to come. It might not be t-shirts but it will be cool swag no matter what! Our goal is to raise enough money every year to support US-RSE’s operation through, for example, membership software and to be able to support community ideas. More details on US-RSE’s financial planning can be found in this blog post.