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A Peertube instance for everyone interested in walkable, livable places.


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Nothing can beat YouTube's reach and engagement, especially for reaching new audiences. But wouldn't it be great if there was a video-centric community by urbanists, for urbanists? A site that places privacy and community over monetizing engagement? That's why this site exists. ☺️

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Why OpenCollective

  1. Provide donors more confidence and transparency
    We think it is important that you know how your donation is being used.
  2. Stick around for the long term
    We think is best managed collectively: by creators, for creators. We believe that this will best ensure the longevity of this PeerTube instance.

Our Budget

Currently, our budget is the following:
  1. Porkbun Domains (~$42/year)
    We have two domains: and Renewal is approximately $21 per year, per domain.
  2. DigitalOcean Droplet (~$21/month)
    We use a single DigitalOcean Droplet (s-2vcpu-2gb-amd) hosted in NYC1.
  3. Cloudflare R2 (~$0/month)
    Cloudflare R2 block storage is used for video storage and streaming. With our current low usage, cost is negligible. As storage increases, cost will increase (approximately $15 per month, per terabyte stored).
  4. Proton Mail (~$5/month)
    Proton Mail is currently our only operating (non-server related) cost. It is used for our shared inbox ([email protected]).

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