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Open Collective

Veronica Graham


New4You Youth Group and JC’s Drop-in for teenagers has run on a Friday night in the city centre for nearly 20 years building relationships.



Transparent and open finances.

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The collective team brings in lots of professional expertise and has many strengths. 
A teacher who has taken early retirement to pursue other interests and who has lots of energy and enthusiasm to work with young people.
A retired naval officer who taught naval cadets and has worked across the globe.  The young people love this guy who is like a grandad figure to them. 
A nurse who is amazing with young people with physical issues...they come in shouting at times “where’s the nurse”.
A mum who works in administration who has fantastic listening skills and is perceptive to the needs of young people.
A previous Physical Education teacher who now does youth administration looking at all aspects of risk assessment and safeguarding having previously done training in outdoor pursuits.
A young person who’s recently done official youth work training  and has digital skills for the online work.
The team are working together because they have been helping provide youth and children’s work as part of a larger organisation for  many years.  The collective have worked together to provide special events, camps including attending youth festivals with groups and overseas trips. They have completed training in necessary skills such as first aid, food hygiene and safeguarding.  It’s a great team.