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Every little bit helps. Democracy is worth saving!

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Every little bit helps. Democracy is worth saving!

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The Vigil for Democracy is a people-focused, community-driven movement built on non-violent direct action. Our movement follows the teachings of Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Daisaku Ikeda and George Lakey.

Large, sustained protest is the most powerful form of direct action. Prolonged mass mobilization is the single act that the American people can collectively engage in that can, when applied effectively, bring the fastest and most decisive results.

Protest is not the only form of non-violent direct action we have access too. Rallies, boycotts, op-eds, letter-writing campaigns, picketing, performance art, sit-ins, strikes.. There are many ways to express your First Amendment rights.

The Vigil for Democracy is urging individuals to use all of these options as well as encouraging everyone with the ability to run for elected office. Public service is perhaps the highest form of direct action and one of the most difficult to attain as well.

No one is coming to save us. We, "WE THE PEOPLE", are the last guardrails against tyranny. 

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